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I'm going tonight with irishcutie2184 to see Finch and (I think) Counterfit, Recover and Days Away at the TLA on South Street. I've been waiting for this for a MONTH. This is my first time seeing them live so I hope they live up to my expectations..Of course, we do have to go the day after they get into a fight with Disturbed. Grrr.

I also might be stopping into bodygraphics to get my tattoo done..Well..I'm going to stop, but I want to check the price and shit before I say "I'm getting my tattoo today!!" I've been obsessed with the moons and stars since I was little, so I'm getting a short and fat yellow cresent moon with 3 white stars and dark blue behind it all. I got the idea for the design from a Grateful Dead Bear sticker that I have. I'll post pictures from it when its done..and maybe healed a bit..

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