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dead communities are no fun

New Senses Fail cd - what are your thoughts on it??

Personally, I like it. And the video for Buried a Lie is hysterical -- if you didnt think so and you think its the band trying to get popular, let me know and I'll explain all the background bullshit that went into the reasoning of the video (I wont make fun of you or laugh, I promise)

I went to their instore at Vintage Vinyl. Got the sigs, said hi to the guys, talked to Buddy and he sent me and my roomie out back to see Lexie (his gf) bc we're on thier streetteam and she runs it. Lexie's awesome -- we talked to her for like 45 minutes while the signing finished up and while the guys (mostly Shawn) loaded the van. Talked to Buddy again. Also talked to Dan's gf Kirsten. She's really cool too.

I've been looking for new bands to listen to lately, give me a suggestion and a website or a purevolume account link where I can go listen to them. Thanks much.

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